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Machine learning

Analytic predictions to enhance your business

We apply machine (automatic) learning and big data techniques to create smart programs capable of optimizing your services. By combining elements of learning, adaptation, evolution, and fuzzy logic (alongside statistical methods), we can create systems that detect patterns within large data sets, learn automatically, and generate predictions.

Predictive Apps


Starting with existing data, we can anticipate users’ future behavior, which greatly facilitates planning your next move.


Anticipating demand

We use algorithms to understand our users’ preferences and habits as they purchase services or products. This allows us to create personalized marketing campaigns directed to specific markets, making your publicity more effective. It also serves to create recommendations for specific groups through newsletters, social media, or the Internet.

Data Analysis

Opinion trends

By taking public data from social networks, we develop analysis models of public opinion to predict voting trends and opinions on current affairs, with more accuracy than traditional surveys. The information generated is an essential factor in prescribing strategies for crisis communication or working on political campaigns.


Smart Service

We develop chatbots, virtual assistants for business and tourism sectors, based on artificial intelligence. These chatbots provide businesses the opportunity to have their contact and customer service open 24/7, 365 days a year, with little effort. From their viewpoint, users will feel as if they are communicating with a real person, not a robot, as our programs use natural language processing.