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Mobile Apps

Our production process is oriented toward strengthening our clients’ activities.
Defining objectives and functionalities


At the start, the app’s objectives are established along with its functionalities. Next we design mockups (basic, freehand designs) for each of the app´s screens. Then we define the data needed to operate the app.

User interface (UI)


The UI is composed of different elements: a style set for buttons, lists, menus, icons, formulas, image collections, and selectors, to ensure visual coherence within the app along with the client´s graphic elements.

User experience (UX)


As the design (UI) is being developed, we run concept testing for user experience (UX) to assure the information is easily accessible, the usability is straightforward, and the options presented are recognizable. We also test that the app is seen correctly in various telephones and screen sizes, whether it is compatible with various operating systems, how the app appears in portrait or landscape view, etc.

Behind the scenes

Backend / Programming

The backend normally communicates with the app through a REST API and/or Websockets. To do so, information points are established with the backend and are programmed through both ends. It is essential that the apps have support available to update information, verify sales, update prices, etc. The lifespan of a backend updated app is much longer than static apps that do not support updates. We use strong and trustworthy frameworks for both frontend and backend improvements.


We develop Apps for Android e iOS, operating systems that cover more than the 95% of the smartphones’ and tablets’ market.

We have put in the miles



Access to the device’s GPS and compass


Bulk message delivery via GCM / APNs


Local storage for images and files


Access to files on device

Local DDBB

Local database (on the device) for offline data / Sync with master data


Online and offline maps (for navigating without cellular data)

Network Access

Available network detection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth)

Beacon Interaction

Interaction with beacon devices (Physical Web)

Payment Platforms

Integrated with online payment methods (MercadoPago, PayPal)

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